Residential & Commercial Plumbing & Heating

Welcome! We are a Calgary based residential and commercial plumbing company with over 20 years experience servicing Calgary and area clients. We provide all plumbing services and are available 24-7 for emergency situations. Contact us today!

Drain Cleaning Services

We can clear main lines up to 225ft., thaw frozen lines and catch basins in parking lots and roof leaders, use thermal imaging camera to assist in finding leaks inside walls, and remove storm or sanitary waste.

Full Plumbing Service

We provide full plumbing services for both residential & commercial applications plus minor renovations.

Our plumbing services range from basic residential repair to commercial installation, including new and renovation applications.

Commercial Services

We work with medium and large commercial clients and can provide service contracts when required. We also cater to real estate management companies that are looking for quality service and warranty on parts and labor.

Drain Cleaning

Our 24/7 drain cleaning service will have your residential or commercial pipes draining properly.

Sink Install & Repair

We install and repair kitchen bathroom and commercial sinks and faucets, many styles available.

Leaking Pipe Repair

Is your dishwasher, washer, sink or commercial pipe leaking? Call us for quick repair! Emergency service available.

Emergency Service

We provide 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service. When you’re in need, call us! 403-253-6934.

Toilet Install & Repair

Residential or commercial installation and repair available on virtually all models of toilets & urinals.

Sump Pumps

We supply and install sump pumps for all applications and warranty our work. Call us today.

In-floor Radiant Heating

We install and repair in-floor radiant heating in residential or commercial applications.

Boiler Install & Repair

Residential water heater and commercial boiler repair and installation. We support all manufacturers.

24/7 Commercial & Residential Emergency Service

We offer 24/7 repair services in and around Calgary for furnace, boiler, drain cleaning, water leaks and any other plumbing or heating emergencies.


With over 20 years of experience we can answer virtually any plumbing or heating question you have.

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and displayed them here for your convenience. This is not a full list but will help answer the most common questions related to our services.

How do I remove hard water on my faucet?

Pour a cup of vinegar in a small plastic bag and use an elastic to wrap and submerse the affected area in the vinegar. Let stand over night, then brush area with a toothbrush.

Why is my faucet pouring slowly?

At the end of the spout is the faucet aerator. Try removing this and see if it fixes the problem the aerator is a small screen that over time can get clogged over time.

My toilet keeps sporadically fills?

Typically this is a flush valve problem, inside your tank, you’ll find a chain attached to a large flapper. The chain may be tangled, you may need a new flapper or a new valve.

Is hard water dangerous?

Generally, hard water itself is not dangerous to consume, however, it will impact your household items using it. Your coffee maker, dishwasher etc. can become calcified and breakdown.

Kitchen Renovation

We handle all plumbing requirements for kitchen renovation including dishwasher installation, refrigerator water hookup and all faucet installations.

Bathroom Renovation

We are experts in bathroom renovation plumbing including jetted tubs, multi-head shower installations and general faucet and drainage installations.

Ready for service excellence?

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